We develop the lighting design for the interior and/or exterior of the architectural space. We specify the product, assist and verify the installation and finally we direct programming scenes and lighting effects.

The documents we produce consist of presentations, drawings, calculations, technical sheets… adapted to the needs of each project.

Our involvement can cover the following services and if necessary, include additional ones:

- Lighting Consulting

and / or

- Lighting Projects:

Phase I: Inception and Feasibility. Includes attendance to the initial meetings with the Client and the Design Team, in order to obtain the necessary information and gather the data to produce the briefing.

Phase II: Concept Design. Involves the production and presentation of a lighting proposal for the project based on the briefing agreed in phase I to communicate the global intention of the design.

Phase III: Basic Design. Consists on the development of the concept proposal with a preliminary luminaires distribution, light sources definition and electrical consumptions.

Phase IV: Advance Design. Presentation of the final information and documents needed for the correct Lighting Design installation.

Phase V: Site Supervision. Consists on explaining the lighting design effects and the correct location of the fixtures, verifying the installation and solving any site problems that may arise during the execution.

Phase VI: Focusing and Programming Direction. Involves making the final adjustments of the lighting effects, the focusing of fixtures and finishing off all the pending details. We also direct the programming team that will set the light levels and/or the different light scenes, either static or dynamic.